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Alone, Together is a creative response to the concept of isolation. Like all artists, Levedy Ensemble as a group was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, not least because the musicians were unable to work together, rehearse and perform. The pandemic encouraged Levedy Ensemble to consider groups and communities for whom isolation is a part of their every day life; such as hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. Levedy Ensemble are excited to have developed a project that will allow them to express the isolation they had experienced, whilst reaching out to and working with often-isolated communities. 

Levedy Ensemble is passionate about championing the work of women in creative fields and commissioned rising female composer Shaye Poulton Richards to set seven poems written by female poets, from Sappho to Emily Dickinson, to music. The group also asked Shaye to write five accompanying soundscapes. The soundscapes, unlike the songs, are improvisatory, and use material written by Shaye to create artistic responses to the songs in the cycle. These soundscapes act as a tool through which Levedy Ensemble, partnered with charity Sing Inside, will work with isolated communities in prisons across the UK. Levedy had the pleasure of working with HMP Low Newton in November 2022 and the Prison de Champ-Dollon (Switzerland) in February 2023.  


Alone, Together

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